If you are someone who is interested in my work, perhaps you've wanted to learn more about my coaching, how the mind works (3 Principles) or find out more about what I actually share with my clients, you are in the right place.

You can find more resources if you check out my main website. Simply visit https://www.ankushjain.co.uk

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Building an Impactful & Sustainable 3P Coaching Practice

    This course, created with Dr Mark Howard, is aimed at 3P based coaches who would like to grow their coaching business in an ethical and sustainable way.

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    The Coaching Library

      This is a refined compilation of my first-rated resources gathered throughout the years for coaches wanting to be more impactful and make sustainable living with their coaching practice.

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      The Secret Behind Radical Transformation

        This is a recording of a talk Ankush gave to the Thriving Scholar community in London, hosted by coach, Jaineel Mistry.

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        Success Workshop - Las Vegas

          This is a recording of Ankush's workshop sessions in Las Vegas in 2019 at a week long success workshop.